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Cotton Zabuton & Zafu Set

Cotton Zabuton & Zafu Set

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Product features

  •   High Quality 100% Cotton Fabric
  •   Zabuton = Size 36" x 28" x 3".
  •   Zafu = Size 15” x 6”
  •   Zabuton = 4 to 5 Pounds
  •   Zafu =5 to 6 Pounds (buckwheat)
  •   Machine washable & Tumble dry.
  •   Full Length Zippers, For Easy Cover Removal


Product Highlights

Our Zubuton & Zafus cushions are made from 100% clean cotton fabric. Zabutons are stuffed with 100% clean Cotton. The Zabuton cushion often used under a Zafu cushion to provide comfort and support to assist you in your sitting practice. The Zabuton are also very versatile yoga props, and can be used as a shoulder stand pad or as a bolster when folded in half

All Zabutons are filled to a level for support and pliability.These Zabutons are filled with loose cotton, the nature of this type of cotton tends to be fluffier, causing the actual measurements to be slightly larger, or makes the Zabuton to appear to be larger in height. The measurements given above are from one side to side. As the Zabuton is used, the Cotton will pack tighter and settle over time They have a zippered opening which allows you to remove the cover for easy cleaning, this also allows you to add or remove filling as needed for adjusting to your individual height/density. Zabutons are filled with 100% clean cotton

The Button shaped Zafus cushion are made from 100% cotton fabric and stuffed with 100% clean natural Buckwheat hulls. It is perfect for meditation and pranayama practice. Sitting in a elevated "easy pose" (cross- legged) creates a pelvic tilt, bringing length and alignment to the spine. The hips and legs are able to relax, which allows lift and openness to the chest and lungs. It is also great for stretching the back, and will converts almost any chair into a tilt seat for autonomous sitting

Return Policy

We want you to be completely satisfied with every item you purchase from us, which is why we offer a 30-day ''No Questions Asked'' money back guarantee on this product. Please see our return policy for details about returning merchandise.


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