Yoga Mat Care Instructions




During manufacturing a slight haze or sheen may develop on the yoga mats, this may make the mats slippery when used.

We recommend that all new yoga mats be cleaned or wiped down with a damp towel before use, this will insure a better grip.

A more dense yoga mat or thicker yoga mat will always need to be cleaned before use.



Never use vinegar to clean your yoga mat, until you have tested its reaction, vinegar is a acid and may cause damage to your yoga mat, especially rubber yoga mats.
To check if vinegar will work try testing it on a corner first.

Using chemicals to clean you yoga mat is never a good ideal, this could lead to deterioration or could cause your yoga mat to come apart during use.

To clean your yoga mat, the best practice is to use a clean damp (water only) towel and using slight pressure, lightly clean from the top down, being sure to rinse the rag a few time during the cleaning process.
A cleaning spray bottle works the best and can quicken the process, spray the yoga mat down, just enough to lightly moisten the mat and wipe dry with a clean towel.
Always let your yoga mat dry completely before rolling back up.
Other options are yoga mat cleaners, just follow the directions on the labels and you should be fine, you can always use the corner of your yoga mat to test if the mat cleaner will hurt your yoga mat (s).


If your yoga mats smells, try a little (a drop or two in a 16oz water bottle) bleach in your water, this will also disinfect your yoga mat, let the yoga mat dry and air it out for a day or two before using it. ?We always recommend testing a corner first!.

Mold can be cleaned off and removed using vinegar, clean the yoga mat with vinegar and then with clean water, once the mat dries the vinegar smell should be gone, best practice is to test the corner of the yoga mat first.


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