About Us

Kakaos Yoga started in a small garage in Southern California. We found that the limited products available were to big and most props were just to bulky. After a few attempts we were able design a new yoga bolster with the correct firmness and size that my wife and I could use in our yoga class. Friends and other students asked if we could make one for them, before we knew it, we were selling more bolsters to other studios. It wasn’t hard to make the decision to continue to make yoga products, you find something you love and you stick with it and everyday is a pleasure to go to work.

Over the years we have noticed that other yoga companies have copied our ideals, as they say “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery “. As long as it helps another yogi than what we have accomplished is why our company was started.

Just remember one thing.
Put A Little Yoga In Your Life.

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