Blanket Care Instructions

Mexican Acrylic, Cotton and Polyester blend blankets:  

All Mexican blankets are labeled hand wash and line dry,

We recommend hand washing with cold water or if a machine is used only on the delicate cycle, blankets should be line dried but if using a dryer to dry blankets, AIR FLUFF ONLY, heat will damage Acrylic and Polyester materials and damage edges and cause fraying.  Following these directions will extend the life of your blanket and cut down on the shedding that will occur during washing.

Do not use commercial washing machines, these commercial machines will destroy the waved blankets.

We are not responsible for damages incurred from washing and drying blankets incorrectly

Do Not Use Bleach & Do Not Iron


Materials Used For Blanket From Mexico:

All our blankets and ALL OTHER BLANKETS from Mexico are made from recycled textiles cutting, this is the left covers from manufacturing of clothing, towels and bedding, the process is very simple, the cutting are separated into colors and the shredded three times to bring the textiles back to the original fiber size about an inch in size, once this is done the process is the same as new fibers, the fiber is twisted with other fibers to form a thread and then twisted with other threads to produce a yarn.
Mexico does not produce any 100% or any other cotton content blankets, they stopped producing cotton blanket about ten years ago when cotton became expensive, all cotton is now recycled and reproduced into clean cotton clothing or other textiles


Mexican blankets will sometimes be labeled 100% Acrylic, this is only for Importation. Mexican blankets will contain Acrylic, Polyester and Cotton.


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