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Shop Kakaos Yoga for the best selection of yoga blankets in Traditional Striped, Cotton, Wool and Solid Colors yoga blankets,  including our colorful yoga rugs.

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Cotton Yoga Blankets

Kakaos Yoga cotton yoga blankets are designed just for yoga, form our 85% cotton yoga blanket to our 100% cotton yoga blankets, available in a huge assortment of colors and sizes


Solid Color Yoga Blankets

The Kakaos solid color yoga blanket is a heavier and larger blanket, weight range is 3.3lbs to 3.8lbs. Blanket options include blankets with matching tassels and up to 85% cotton.

Traditional Yoga Blankets

Traditional style yoga blankets with or without tassels are more than just a yoga prop! Perfect for restorative yoga, meditation, or to cover yourself up in Shavasana to keep your body warm as it cools down.

Wool Yoga Blankets

Kakaos Wool yoga blankets made from 50 to 80 percent new recycled wool and a polyester blend. Available in a verity of sizes and colors options.